Bank on San Francisco
  As Treasurer, it is my duty to use the financial expertise of the Treasurer’s office to help working San Franciscans manage their money wisely. My Bank on San Francisco program has become the model for how local and state governments can encourage residents to open bank accounts and manage their money better.

Bank on San Francisco Overview

In the Treasurer’s Office, we have a lot of financial expertise and we’ve put that knowledge to good use by creating the Bank on San Francisco initiative. This program helps City residents better manage and safeguard their own money. Not only has it benefited tens of thousands of San Franciscans, but it helps unbanked (people who don’t have bank accounts and rely on check-cashing companies) San Franciscans enter the financial mainstream by offering starter accounts at most bank and credit union locations in the City.

  These starter accounts are low-cost checking accounts and are a much better alternative to the exorbitant fees charged by a check-cashing company.

The Bank on San Francisco Program is a great example of a true public - private partnership. It’s a voluntary program and benefits unbanked residents of the City while attracting more customers for banks and credit unions. We have won numerous awards for this program and governments across the county are implementing it.
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