Enforcing Taxes

One of my primary goals is to ensure that the tax laws of San Francisco are enforced fairly and uniformly—and that nobody gets a free ride. My record of closing loopholes and ensuring that all businesses and residents pay their fair share has netted the city millions in extra dollars. The Treasurer’s Office ensures that everyone is paying what they owe, which not only helps the City’s bottom-line, but also funds MUNI, public safety programs, healthcare and much more.

Closing the Law Firm Tax Loophole

  • Implemented voter-approved changes to the payroll tax mandating that partnerships pay their faire share

Parking Tax Enforcement

  • Improved regulations to ensure that all parking tax operators are collecting and remitting all of their tax dollars to the City




New Business Registrations

  • Registered thousands of new businesses in San Francisco, which means more revenue for the city

Hotel Tax Enforcement

  • Enforcing our hotel tax laws to ensure all hotel guests are paying

Office Building Parking

  • Collaborated with office building owners to ensure that everyone who parks their vehicle in San Francisco pays the parking tax



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