Enforcing Taxes

Efficient and effective tax collection ensures that everyone plays by the same rules and shares equitably in funding MUNI, public safety, health care, and other City budgetary needs. My office has implemented a number of initiatives to ensure that tax collection is not an unnecessarily complicated process. Most tax forms are now available for online filing and payment, and licensed businesses can pay their regulatory licenses all in one consolidated billing instead of multiple bills across the year. Implementation of the Cigarette Litter Abatement Fee, Tourism Improvement District, and Residential Parking Tax Simplification have allowed the City to maintain or enhance needed services in difficult financial times without a tax increase. Finally, I am excited to implement the new Gross Receipts Tax and phase out the Payroll Expense Tax, which is expected to encourage economic growth.


As Treasurer I am charged with keeping the City’s money safe, available when needed, and earning a return when it is not. The City’s investments continue to be a top performer amongst our peers. However, I also recognize that I have a greater social responsibility than just the bottom line as the City’s Treasurer. I have expanded the City’s social responsibility requirements for our investments and our banking relationships. I have also implemented the Community Banking Initiative, which allows all banks with San Francisco branches to have City deposits, with a focus on including community banks and credit unions as depositories.





Financial Empowerement

I have made it my mission to ensure that all San Franciscans regardless of income are able to enhance their financial security. I have implemented the Working Families Credit to encourage families to apply for federal tax benefits; Bank On San Francisco to allow residents to enter the financial mainstream; Payday Plus and the Payday Lending Moratorium to reduce the spread of predatory loans in the City; CurrenC SF to encourage employers to offer safer payment options to their employees; and Kindergarten to College, the nation’s first universal child’s college savings accounts. No San Franciscan should feel they are alone in managing their finances and planning for a successful future, and my Office of Financial Empowerment stands ready to assist residents in achieving their financial goals.


League of California Cities President-Elect 2014

Cities for Financial Empowerment Co-Chair

CalTrain Board Member

California Debt Investment Advisory Commission
(CDIAC) Member


2012 Assets and Opportunities Award - CFED

James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award - 2008

TEDxPresidio Presenter - 2012


Cisneros for Treasurer 2015 - 340 Arlington Street - San Francisco, CA 94131
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